4010-5010 Conversions

Case Study: Principal Financial

Automating 4010-5010 Conversions

Principal Financial is a top provider worldwide in the retirement and investment strategy business. Its presence in the dental insurance industry, however, led the company into a relationship with EMS for an add-on software solution to convert 4010 and 5010 files.

“Their claims adjudication system could receive and send 4010 format EDI files,” says Dave Pontrello, VP of EMS Healthcare Informatics. “But after the 5010 standard was mandated, they needed an automated tool to help its claims management system read and process current claims.” 

Pontrello adds that the software EMS created relies on custom logic programming. It adjusts where important data in various EDI loops and segments goes in the two different files. The converter also works in both directions—back and forth between 4010s and 5010s

The custom software project took place in two stages, between 2015 and 2017. 

“We’ve heard great reviews by the Principal’s team,” he shares. “Our converter ensures that the user can take advantage of all additional data offered by today’s 5010 standard file formats.”



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