EMS Celebrates 20th Year

Celebrating You & Our Platinum 20th


By David Cominsky, Founder, President & CEO

As we move into our 21st year, I wanted to take the time to thank you as a valued client and user of EMS’s portfolio of products. You have been, and continue to be, the reason for our existence. You also are the source of our success and longevity providing software solutions for the healthcare industry.

How’d We Get Here, Anyway?

Thanks for asking. ;>) Before starting the company, I had worked for 15 years as a coder within the manufacturing sector. I enjoyed my work, but was open to new opportunities.

My stepfather was a doctor, and inspired my move into healthcare computing. Practice management and billing was then largely paper-based, but times were changing. I helped his office coordinate its accounts receivable department. Then his doctor friends had me install their first computer billing systems. Pretty soon, I was smitten.

In 1993 I became the IT Director for a startup Medicaid managed care organization. It gave me inside knowledge of what was needed, what was missing and what might be possible. My expertise in customizing software also attracted attention. Healthcare organizations from several states started contacting me to help them.

Well, one contract led to another, and Electronic Management Services (our actual legal name) was formed. After six months I was even able to hire myself. We moved into larger space, took a deep breath and moved forward as a core team.

Birth of the EDI Power Reader

The early 2000s were a time of great changes in billing formats, especially for Medicaid. Many HMOs sought help though software enhancements and custom work. This became our EMS niche. Soon we had 30 new clients requesting our assistance. We perfected our ideas and eventually it became an out-of-the-box software solution of its own. We called it our EDI Power Reader, and it has been our flagship product ever since.

Fulfilling the Unmet Need

Over the last two decades, we’ve learned a great deal from you. Our clients’ use of our products and requests have inspired us to build all-new utilities. Ideas for most of the tools in our EDI Power Tools Suite came from the trends we saw for needed universal solutions. We’ve also enjoyed maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, taking on things that some of the largest companies either don’t provide, or don’t want to. We see EMS as a true partner in your work, not just a utility provider. Each and every client is as important to us as the rest.

If we can help make your company’s work more manageable and successful for both you and your own clients, bring it on! It’s a mantra we live by.

To Infinity and Beyond

EMS has been proud to assist more than 375 healthcare and related businesses since our founding. As we look ahead, I see an even more exciting future.

We are investing in additional technology, expertise and more to stay ahead of the curve for you. We plan to communicate more regularly to let you know what we’re up to. We also will let you know about some of our work done for other clients, to share best practices and to help spawn any ideas in your own shop.

Last, but especially not least, I wish to sincerely thank my dedicated staff for their continued excellence and commitment. Together, we will continue to provide a full array of healthcare EDI utilities and custom programming that keeps you and your business as efficient and successful as possible.

Cheers to the next 20 years!