New EDI Export Engine Release

NEW EDI Export Engine Offers Lightning-Fast Results

by Jason Justinger, Senior Software Engineer

EMS Healthcare Informatics has released its new version of its EDI Export Engine software—a leaner, faster solution to boost your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

The new version takes our reliable reader technology and streamlines it for newer Windows operating systems. What used to take 12 minutes, for example, now takes just 2 minutes. It multiplies how many files can be exported, analyzed and warehoused.

How did we do it?

We simplified and optimized the coding of our original Export Engine. The benefits are great.

As an example, during stress-testing, the engine processed  3.4 GB of data, over 10,000 files, spanning more than 1600 subdirectories, in about 20 minutes, with no observed size limitations to date. It’s fast, slim and sleek.

We are happy to offer this important upgrade.

Jason Justinger

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Watch our short intro video about the Export Engine today or call us at 716-626-3310.

Are you a current EDI Export Engine client? Contact Dave Pontrello at for your download information.