PHI Remover Tool from EMS

EDI Tool Offers Secure, Fast PHI Removal for File Sharing


by Eric Schuyler
Director of Program Development

Need to exchange test EDI data with outside parties without sharing protected health information (PHI)? Our EDI Toolbox includes an easy to use, secure PHI Remover among its 21 offerings.

The EDI PHI Remover is ideal for when an organization needs to store EDI data for contextual purposes, but with de-identified records and data.

How does it work?

All the PHI data within a given set of HIPAA EDI files is replaced by masked values. The user creates a start folder, a destination folder and an optional archive folder. Within a few mouse clicks, the files are cleansed, PHI is removed and original files are kept safe.

Through batch processing, hundreds or thousands of files can be securely de-identified quickly and efficiently—in seconds to minutes. The EDI File Renamer tool also is part of the Toolbox, offering a way to quickly rename files through batch processing

Eric Schuyler, Director of Program Development, EMS Healthcare Informatics