EMS Analytics – Compile & analyze EDI files in your own intuitive visualization

Leverage your complex healthcare data to produce actionable insights and data-driven decisions.

Gain visibility into claims and denials to boost revenue. Perfect your revenue cycle with EMS analytics.

The Process

Our EDI Export Engine is installed on premise to translate your files. This output in converted into a data warehouse and presented in intuitive dashboards, accessed from our cloud based platform.

There is no need to worry about dedicated resources, database design, ETL or data cleansing. You save time and money compared to a traditional healthcare data warehouse deployment.

New data is converted and loaded to the platform through an automated batch process.

EMS Analytics Benefits

  • Analyze all of your claims data in a single display, from multiple years to a single claim
  • Data from disparate payers and systems can be combined into a single version of truth
  • Specific data can be exported to Excel for follow-up, loading to other systems or further analysis
  • Highlights business performance and reimbursement rate over time
  • Intuitive enough that no user training is required
  • No PHI data is ever used or transmitted
  • Drill into denials over time, by payer and reason code
  • All that’s required is access to HIPAA EDI files, removing the burden of infrastructure and resource planning
  • Single flat monthly fee

See it in Action

Claim Dashboard
Adjustment Dashboard

See what others
have to say

We have used EMS for several years now in our Patient Accounting and Finance Departments. Due to the number of payers that provide us with ERA, we needed a solution that would readily accommodate multiple payers. Previously we have used freely available version but found them limited. During our time as customers they have worked to keep their system up to date and competitive. Also they have unveiled additional functionality in the form of the EDI Utility Toolbox.

The EMS 835 Reader has been an invaluable tool to our organization.

Johnie D. Swindoll, Director of Patient Financial Services

Canyon Vista Medical Center - Sierra Vista, AZ

I love the EMS reader! I use it almost every day with my 835’s, 277’s and 999’s. I love the way you can sort by columns, names and even numbers.

Debi Smith

Chautauqua County Dept. of Mental Hygiene - Mayville, NY