EMS Analytics

A service offering to leverage HIPAA EDI files into making data driven decisions.

The platform will provide insights about your claims and denials. It can be used as a workflow tool with the ability to export specific datasets to Excel. Each dashboard is customizable and only PHI free data is used.

The Process

Our EDI Export Engine is installed on premise to translate your files. This output in converted into a data warehouse and presented in intuitive dashboards, accessed from our cloud based platform.

There is no need to worry about dedicated resources, database design, ETL or data cleansing. You save time and money compared to a traditional healthcare data warehouse deployment.

New data is converted and loaded to the platform through an automated batch process.

EMS Analytics Benefits:

  • Analyze multiple years’ worth of claims down to a single day
  • HIPAA EDI files from disparate payers and systems can be combined into a single version of truth
  • Specific data can be exported to Excel for follow-up, loading to other systems or further analysis
  • Highlights business performance and reimbursement rate over time
  • Intuitive enough that no user training is required
  • Best in class security and efficiency
  • Cuts through often confusing EDI language to present clear and concise facts
  • All that’s required is access to HIPAA EDI files, removing the burden of infrastructure and resource planning

See it in Action

Claim Dashboard
Adjustment Dashboard