Case Study: Advanced Health Network

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Advancing Behavioral Healthcare Collaboration in Long Island

The Advanced Health Network (AHN) in Suffolk County, New York, became an EMS client this August. The organization includes an Independent Practice Association (IPA) of 35 behavioral health providers in the Long Island / New York City Metropolitan area. AHN also has a non-profit arm specializing in advocacy, care coordination and population health.

Michael Lardieri, LCSW, joined AHN as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer in February 2018. He shared that AHN provides the management services needed to help its provider organizations be successful in a value based care model.

Charged with creating one unified database for the IPA, he sought out a ready-to-go solution to help regularly extract data from thousands of 837 claim files. He found it in the EDI Power Reader.

“We’re pulling data from 35 organizations, as well as some selected data from electronic health records and some state databases,” he explains. “I chose the EMS product because it had what we needed, with no extra programming required. Timing was important. The Power Reader allowed us to start almost immediately without adding extra weeks to the project.”

Along with his satisfaction with the software, which he says “does exactly what it advertises,” Lardieri said he has been impressed by the quality and consistency of EMS’s customer support.

“From the first time the EMS staff helped me set up the software, to some custom work I requested and routinely being there to answer questions, they keep doing what we need. We’re not a huge organization, so that is very important.”

Thanks to its use of the Power Reader, Advanced Health Network is on track to complete its data consolidating from the past two years by January. By February, the process with member agencies will move to monthly updates, followed by an eventual weekly, then daily feed.