Case Study: KPH Healthcare Services

Easier EDI for KPH Healthcare Services

Kinney Drugs, ProAct Owner Picks EMS for EDI Excel Conversion

As a $1 billion national pharmaceutical and healthcare provider, KPH Healthcare Services can’t afford to be inefficient in anything. So when its team went looking for an EDI Excel conversion solution, simplicity and ease-of-use were top priorities.

“We were looking for software that could export EDI files into Excel,” says John Gattuso, a financial analyst with KPH. “There were other options that could do it, but they were often part of much larger software systems. EMS’s Power Reader does exactly what we need it to do.”

KPH, headquartered in East Syracuse, New York, has four complementary businesses in both the retail and commercial segments. These include Kinney Drugs, a chain of 100 full-service drug stores located throughout New York and Vermont; Health Direct Institutional Pharmacy Services, which services long-term care and alternative care needs; ProAct, Inc., a pharmacy benefit management company with sales offices throughout the country and a mail order pharmacy; and Noble Health Services, a specialty pharmacy that dispenses medications for complex and chronic diseases.

By consolidating its own purchasing power, KPH strives to deliver cost savings to clients and customers without sacrificing quality. It’s an employee-owned business, so that vision is shared by each of its 3,000 employees.

“The values and mission of KPH are the type that EMS and its products naturally align with,” adds Erich Cominsky, Project Leader at EMS Healthcare Informatics. “We’re proud to be a behind-the-scenes part of their continued success.”

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The values and mission of KPH are the type that EMS and its products naturally align with.”

– Erich Cominsky, Project Leader