Case Study: UC Health System

University of Cincinnati (UC) Health System Finds EDI Solutions with EMS

UC Health, part of one of the nation’s top 25 public research universities, is an integrated system spanning the Tri-State area. It includes the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, West Chester Hospital, Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care, Lindner Center of HOPE, Bridgeway Pointe and the University of Cincinnati Physicians group of 800 providers.

The organization has been tapping into the efficiency of EMS’s EDI Power Tools Suite since 2012. Tom Wagers, Systems Coordinator for Revenue Cycle Support, shared his experiences with our software, and how it is applied across the system. He manages other cash posters and analysts in Revenue Cycle Support.

What made you seek out an additional software solution?

Tom: We were going live on our EPIC system. We had many 835s coming in that went from payers to billing vendors, and finally to us. We needed to split those remits out between the new EPIC system and our older GE system.

Had you explored other options?

Yes. We had our billing vendor do some splitting, and EPIC had a splitter. But we needed a way to manage all those files. There were additional special situations, too. Our ambulance billing unit needed their portion of remittances, as did our Dental division and some others. There was a different company’s product we had tried, but it was much more expensive. It also required a lot of programming time.

Which elements of the EDI Power Tools Suite were most attractive to your team?

Tom: We were searching online for a “remit viewer” or “remit conversion” tool. We wanted to get our data into a spreadsheet format that others could read and make sense of.  EMS offered products that were easier to use, faster in implementation, and that were offered at a lower cost. 

Has the software helped achieve the results you sought?

Tom: Yes. It has enabled our group to manage our files better. Our staff can go in and see how many 835s were split out to the Dental or other groups. We can cash post review them before actually sending them. We use the EDI Power Reader and EDI Toolbox features back and forth, so we can see what is going on, and do any file splitting or adjustments in real time, too.

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