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EMS Custom Application Solves St. Vincent’s (Ascension) Urgent Need

When you’re responsible for revenue cycle, analytics and patient financial services for a division of the largest not-for-profit health system in the U.S., delays in anything are out of the question.

Especially if your hospital has a 100+ year track record of uninterrupted service to vulnerable and economically disadvantaged patients.

That’s why St. Vincent’s Medical Center (SVMC), located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, sought out EMS’s help in 2010. St. Vincent’s operates regional centers of excellence in cardiology, surgery, cancer, orthopaedics, birthing, behavioral health and more. It’s part of Ascension, the nation’s largest Catholic healthcare system. And it needed a way to streamline its Medicaid 835 processing.

“Our old system had limited options,” shared Tiffany Rodrigues, Manager for Revenue Cycle Analytics, Improvements, Patient Access and Patient Financial Services. “Our search for a solution quickly led us to EMS and its Power Reader and EDI Power Toolbox.”

Power Reader’s ease of use to convert 835s and parse them into excel spreadsheets led the team to then ask EMS for help on an urgent challenge.

“We needed to get transaction information buried inside of the 835 remittance files out of the files, and into a format we could work with,” added Marie Lavin, Revenue Cycle Systems Specialist. “The PDF files we’d receive from the bank didn’t parse out the individual payments. There was no accounting for all the remit-level adjustments (known as PLB segments or provider level adjustments).”

EMS delivered a customized add-on solution by working closely with the St. Vincent’s revenue cycle staff. It’s been in daily use ever since.

“We probably run 40-50 checks a day using it,” said Rodrigues. “That adds up to roughly 12,000 transactions each year. So it’s been a real lifesaver for our ability to get things done.”

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