Client Focus: Behavioral Health Billing Solutions

Teresa Heim, founder of BHBS, talks at a microphone-podium

Behavioral Health Redesign Hits Ohio

December 2017

Teresa Heim, CEO of Behavioral Health Billing Solutions (BHBS) in Central Ohio, is a woman on a mission: to help ensure the state of Ohio’s successful compliance to national coding changes and the carve-in of Managed Care for behavioral health providers and patients. BHBS is a dedicated EMS partner and client. The company has built its entire billing process, which routinely results in 98% reimbursement, utilizing tools from EMS.

In addition, she states these tools actually enable more efficient testing and review during a major change, such as the Ohio Behavioral Health Redesign. She says the transition’s success hinges on all agencies being given appropriate time to test and roll out the changes without rushing. Accurate, complete reporting of all testing, beta testers and fee for service, including a pass/fail ratio and a reimbursement percentage being provided by the state also are crucial to success.

The transition involves a variety of changes, including updating Medicaid billing codes used by behavioral health providers to align with current health care payment standards.

“Too much is riding on this, including access to care during an opioid epidemic, to risk failure,” she said.

According to Heim, Ohio is one of the later adopters of behavioral health managed care. However, most people are unaware that Ohio leads the nation in something else: opioid addiction.

“Ohio’s behavioral health patients are particularly vulnerable right now,” she explained. “So we’ll continue to advocate for training of the agencies as well as needed policy extensions to get it right. The health and wellbeing of over 400,000 adults and children receiving services is at stake.”