Client Focus: PathGroup

Leading reference lab picks EMS

PathGroup, a premier provider of anatomic, clinical and molecular pathology laboratory services, works with healthcare providers in 20+ states to provide superior diagnostic services that drive improved patient care. PathGroup provides laboratory services for more than 70 hospitals and for thousands of healthcare providers across many medical specialties, as well as group practices, multi-specialty groups, and surgery centers.

The company’s business processes and continued growth necessitated the need to find a revenue cycle management software to match its quality, efficiency and customer-focused approach. PathGroup learned about the EDI Power Toolbox while searching for a file joiner.

They found exactly what thy were looking for in EMS’s software. It allows PathGroup to join and run files all at once, greatly increasing efficiency.

EDI Power Toolbox’s features have allowed for much faster, easier posting and balancing, which are necessary to support PathGroup’s growth. The EDI File Editor tool allows cash posters to read specific files, and to understand various loops, segments and elements for extracting files.

From the software quality to EMS’s personalized customer support and help on new ideas, the EMS tools have allowed PathGroup to dramatically improve cash posting and reporting processes, ultimately saving the team a couple of hours each day.

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