Client Focus: Wingspan Care Group

Wingspan Care Group Powers Through Claims with EDI Power Reader 

Wingspan Care Group is a nonprofit administrative and management organization out of Lorain, Ohio. The organization provides a united, community-based network of services so member agencies can focus on mission-related goals and operate more cost-efficiently.

We spoke with Ray Fink, Wingspan’s IT Director, about Wingspan’s choice of EMS for its revenue cycle software solutions.

How did you hear about EMS and its software?

Ray:    Five years ago, a colleague who uses EMS suggested it. We did an EMS webinar and were super impressed. I gave the free trial to my programmers to check out. I have to say, I wondered if such a product could be for real!

What were you using previously?

Ray:    One of our staff had written his own program. It did some things, but making the switch to EMS was an easy decision. It’s not just that it offered a solution that was needed—what it does for us was a missing piece. It’s that EMS’s software is very well written. It’s an above average solution that is smartly designed and breaks it down in a nice way. 

How many claims does your staff regularly process?

Ray:    We process hundreds of thousands of claims. We currently have five EDI Power Reader licenses because our agency and its 1,200 employees serves 30,000 individuals from seven locations.

What alternative options are there for most organizations?

Ray:    Nothing or self-written, which ends up not very good. Dave Pontrello from EMS also provides above average service and ideas. He came out and talked at our location to maximize how we are using it, and showed us more that we could do with the software. That is very important, and was greatly appreciated. He knew his product inside and out and continues to be easy to work with.