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Install Instructions:

– Click the link/icon above to download the latest version of the EDI Power Reader install package. This is a full-functioning product, with no obligation, and no registration required.  All of the Power Reader’s functions and all of the EDI formats will be available while in DEMO mode, the only limitation is that you will be limited to viewing only the first 13 records in a file.

– After installing, you will see a “nag screen” prompting you to acquire a license file whenever you launch the Reader.

– If you wish to purchase a license, answering “Yes, I want one” will generate an email request to EMS.  There is no obligation by selecting this option. It will merely send us notice that you are interested and we will respond via email.

– If you select “No thanks” the software will open in DEMO mode.  Once you open a file, you will see the words “Demonstration Version” in the grid summary line.  You can run in DEMO mode for as long as you wish without limitation.

Click here to download instruction file.

Uninstall Instructions:

To remove the software, go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Click on “EMS Response File Reader” and select Remove.

Click here to download uninstall instruction file.