EDI Data Warehouse – HIPAA EDI file storage database

Gain access to the power and potential of your revenue cycle data for unlimited analytics and reporting—without having to rely on your EHR system, payers or external paid vendors.

Extract, Translate, and Load your HIPAA EDI transaction files directly into a relational SQL Server database in a seamless, automated batch process.   An agnostic data warehouse independent of any EHR or other systems you currently use, or will use in the future.

The EDI Data Warehouse at Work

The EDI Data Warehouse offering is not a service, not cloud-based, and not hosted by anyone but you or your own designated hosting site).

Because the data is in SQL Server, it is an open database that affords you the use of any number of standard industry tools to access your data, including Tableau, Business Objects, SQL Queries or a custom application integration. You can also tie reporting to other databases, such as fee schedule databases, health data, EHR data, pricing databases and more.

The EDI Claims Data Warehouse currently supports the following HIPAA EDI formats:

  • 837 Institutional Healthcare Claims
  • 837 Professional Healthcare Claims
  • 837 Dental Claims
  • 835 Electronic Remittances
  • 277CA Claim Acknowledgements
  • 834 Enrollment
  • 271 Eligibility

EDI Data Warehouse Features:

  • Raw hierarchical EDI files are rendered into a linear record format
  • The data is normalized with records broken into optimized relational tables utilizing primary and foreign keys
  • Your original EDI files are saved in an archive folder
  • The process provides file management and process logging
  • The data and the relational possibilities for report generation are then yours to create any number of analytical reports

See what others
have to say

We have used EMS for several years now in our Patient Accounting and Finance Departments. Due to the number of payers that provide us with ERA, we needed a solution that would readily accommodate multiple payers. Previously we have used freely available version but found them limited. During our time as customers they have worked to keep their system up to date and competitive. Also they have unveiled additional functionality in the form of the EDI Utility Toolbox.

The EMS 835 Reader has been an invaluable tool to our organization.

Johnie D. Swindoll, Director of Patient Financial Services

Canyon Vista Medical Center - Sierra Vista, AZ

I love the EMS reader! I use it almost every day with my 835’s, 277’s and 999’s. I love the way you can sort by columns, names and even numbers.

Debi Smith

Chautauqua County Dept. of Mental Hygiene - Mayville, NY