EDI Data Warehouse

EDI Data Analytics Made Easy

Gain access to the power and potential of your revenue cycle data for unlimited analytics and reporting—without having to rely on your EHR system, payers or external paid vendors.

Let us help you set-up your own data warehouse, owned by your organization. An agnostic data warehouse independent of any EHR or other systems you currently use, or will use in the future.

  • Raw EDI files are visualized in a linear record format using the EDI Export Engine.
  • The data is normalized in an enhanced flat export to a SQL database, with records broken into optimized relational tables utilizing primary and foreign keys.
  • Your original EDI files are saved in an archive folder and logged.
  • The data and the relational possibilities for report generation are then yours to create any number of analytical reports.

The EDI Data Warehouse offering is not cloud-based or hosted by anyone but you.

It’s an open database environment hosted inside your firewall-protected system. The flexible system allows you to use any number of standard industry tools to access your data, including Tableau, Business Objects, SQL Queries or a custom application integration. You can also tie reporting to other databases, such as fee schedule databases, health data, EHR data, pricing databases and more.


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Examples of analytics reports easily run:

  • Net reimbursement per claim per payer
  • Net reimbursement per claim per provider
  • Net reimbursement per procedure code and/or location
  • Write offs per provider, payer, location
  • Population Analytics

The system can currently optimize data for formats including:

  • 837 Claims
  • 837 Institutional Claims
  • 837 Professional Claims
  • 837 Dental Claims
  • 835 Electronic Remittances
  • 277CA Acknowledgements
  • 834 Enrollment
  • 271 Eligibility
  • With more on the way!