EDI Power Toolbox – Over 20 HIPAA EDI utility tools in one product

A comprehensive collection of tools for managing and editing healthcare EDI files, all within a single program. Intuitive, does not require in-depth knowledge of EDI loops, segments, and elements. Perfect for both business and technical teams.

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The EDI Power Toolbox offers 20+ tools in one application to speed up revenue cycle efficiency, mitigate issues and increase billing and reimbursement accuracy. Easy to use for business, finance and technology professionals. Search within a folder, or search subdirectories to see file type, version, date and amounts. Sort by column heading. Filter by file type, Sender ID, provider ID or amounts. See detailed payee information with the 835 File Inventory tool. The 835 file splitter and 837 file extractor tools split source files or extract claims based on criteria you choose. Make single or global edits, deletions and additions with the Toolbox’s EDI file Editor tool. A File Processor tool moves, copies or deletes files.

Split Files, Join Files, Move Files, Edit Files

  • EDI FILE JOINER – join multiple files into one single, valid file
  • 835 and 837 FILE SPLITTERS – split source files based on a number of criteria
  • EDI FILE EDITOR – free-form file editing, global edits deletes and adds, search/replace
  • FILE PROCESSOR – move, copy, or delete files based on user-defined criteria
  • 835 and 837 CLAIM EXTRACTORS – select specific claims from a file and create a new file with only those claims

Crosswalk Values In Files – Report Values In Files

  • EDI FILE CROSSWALK – change any value in a source file based on a lookup table
  • ICD-10 CROSSWALK – change ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 and vice-versa using two different maps or customize your own map
  • FILE INVENTORIES – list which files you have in a folder, and what types they are (837, 835, 277, etc.)
  • 835 ELEMENT REPORTER – select a specific element to report on, such as the dollar value of a certain CAS code or CPT code
  • 835 PLB REPORTER – summarize all the remittance-level adjustments (PLB segments) in one or multiple 835 remittance files

Find Records – Remove PHI From Files

  • 835 and 837 RECORD FINDERS – find all the files in a directory that contain a specific patient or claim number
  • EDI PHI REMOVER – replace all the Protected Health Information from your HIPAA EDI files with masked values

Choose the version that’s right for you.

The EDI Power Toolbox is licensed on a yearly subscription basis, which entitles you to the latest upgrades, updates and new releases, as well as unlimited full training, unlimited technical support.

  • PT100
  • This version is a desktop application and is licensed annually. It allows for up to 5 individual workstations within the organization/facility.
  • $2,975 Annually
  • PT300
  • This version allows for large numbers of users, up to unlimited, within your organization/facility.
  • Starts at

    $5,975 Annually

  • PR999
  • Do you have a need for a very unique editing tool? We can add custom utilities to the Toolbox just for your organization.

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have to say

We use both the Response File Reader and the EDI Toolbox daily. Frequently, our payors don’t pay as expected and it is critical that we can determine what was actually paid. The EDI Toolbox allows us to see what has been paid, and more importantly what hasn’t been paid on a script by script basis. The Response File Reader has been helpful for looking deeper into the claims to see the why claims were adjusted, to look at what was adjusted, and to determine what the patients copay is, if they have one due at all. Prior to purchasing these two pieces of software, we were trying to make these determinations by hand, which was incredibly time consuming and unproductive. Thank you for helping our processes become more efficient and more importantly, improve our accuracy.

Ginessa Bradley, Senior Analyst

3B Group / Merwin / Robin Drug Company - New Hope MN

The EMS Utility Toolbox and EMS Response File Reader software greatly helped us in our transition to our new hospital system. The new hospital system can import 835 remit files for cash posting. This allowed us to remove our old cash posting software, so a need for 835 file management became apparent. In order to manage a large daily volume of 835 files and remit splitter reports, our cash department utilizes the Utility Toolbox to filter, sort and search files that require manual review or movement to other folders on the network. The Response FIle Viewer allows the user to access the detail within these files, as well as print EOBs and reports.

Tom Wagers, Systems Coordinator Revenue Cycle

UC Health (University of Cincinnati Medical Center) - Cincinnati OH