EDI Power Tools Suite

Open healthcare EDI files as easily as spreadsheets. HIPAA EDI files are translated and presented in an interactive user-friendly grid. Read 835, 837, 277, 271, 834 files and more.

Create outbound HIPAA transaction set EDI Files, such as 270 Eligibility Requests or 837 Claims files from source data files. Convert data from text, XML, or database files into X12 EDI files.

A comprehensive collection of tools to manage and edit EDI files within one program. No in-depth knowledge of EDI loops, segments or elements needed. Ideal for business and technical teams.

Generate custom exports and choose exact elements to be extracted from 837 claims and 835 remittances. Import data into warehouses, billing systems and denial management systems.

Convert ANSI X12 HIPAA transaction files from the 4010 standard to the 5010 standard, and from 5010 to 4010. Provides a solution for bi-directional legacy system compatibility. 

Reconcile claim acknowledgements & status files against source billed claims, file by file, claim by claim. ANSI compatible for APCD post-adjudicated reporting for 837 and 277 code readers.

Create outbound 270 eligibility requests and read incoming 271 responses. Features a 271 File Reader. Convert data from text files into X12 270 EDI files. Generate 270 eligibility benefit inquiries and read 271 response files. 

NEW from EMS: Our 837 Professional Claim File Generator and 837 Institutional Claim File Generator to help you get paid faster, and to gather more detail on potentially rejected files. 

An agnostic data warehouse independent of any EHR or other systems you currently use, or will use in the future. The data and the relational possibilities for report generation are then yours to create any number of analytical reports.