EDI File Generators for 837s and More

Stand-Alone EDI File Generators 

Affordable new generators for 835s, 837s, 277CAs and more now available

Does your organization operate a custom-written or legacy business system that meets all your operating needs, but falls short when it comes to EDI transactions? We are happy to announce that EMS has released its new line of affordable, stand-alone EDI file generators.

The new applications include an 837 Professional Claims Generator, an 837 Institutional Claims File Generator, an 835 Healthcare Remittance Advice Generator and an updated 277CA (Health Care Claim Acknowledgement) File Generator. The new EDI generators have been in the works due to requests from clients and other interested companies.

“If your billing system does not focus on EDI transactions, and you now need to transact electronically for routine services, our file generators will be for you,” says Dave Pontrello, VP for EMS Healthcare Informatics.

Pontrello explains that use of the generators can eliminate or reduce the need for hiring an external clearinghouse or vendor to convert data. Organizations also then retain total control over their billing submissions and results.

  • The 837 Professional Claims Generator is ideal for orgs entering the EDI electronic billing era, such as human services, behavioral health, medical transportation, durable medical goods and other providers, as well as any provider who would otherwise submit a HCFA1500 paper claim form.
  • The 837 Institutional Generator is ideal for orgs and service providers such as inpatient care clinics and hospitals, and other institutional organizations or any provider who would otherwise submit a UB04 paper claim form.
  • Both 837 Generators (P & I) are particularly well-suited for HMOs and health plans for sending Encounter Claims (post adjudicated claims) to State Agencies.
  • EMS’s stand-alone 835 File Generator helps payers, health plans and TPAs administering specialty programs. It can also be used for automated payment posting in situations where a provider is receiving non-standard remittance files.
  • The 277CA Generator shows which 837 files were adjudicated, which weren’t and what errors need correcting.
  • And the 270 Eligibility Inquiry Generator is ideal for any provider who wishes to improve the revenue cycle up-front by proactively verifying eligibility.

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“The new generators can eliminate or reduce the need for hiring an external clearinghouse or vendor to convert data.

– Dave Pontrello, VP, EMS