EDI 270 Power Generator

Create outbound 270 Eligibility Requests and read the incoming 271 Responses in this special product featuring a 271 File Reader. Convert data from text files into X12 270 EDI files.

Computer screenshot of the EMS 270 Generator's Export feature

Video: Batch eligibility processing made easy!

Discover the best-in-class, affordable and scalable desktop solution for batch eligibility processing. This preview video (under 2 minutes) shows you the benefits of the EDI 270 Power Generator from EMS Healthcare Informatics. Eliminate hours of manual input and checking, dramatically increase reimbursement approval rates, and improve revenue cycle at the start—before the patient encounter even begins.

Generate 270 Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry Files and Read 271 Responses

The EDI 270 Power Generator is a scaled down version of the full EDI Power Generator. It is a tool that maps data from a simple delimited text file and creates an outbound 270 file for submission to a payer or clearinghouse. We also bundle the product with a limited version of the EDI Power Reader which allows you to read the incoming 271 response files. A complete Eligibility Inquiry system.

Screenshot of EMS's 270 Generator Profile Editor on a screen

Simple Configuration

Add trading partners/payers with minimal configuration effort with no limit on the number of profiles. You can also create 270 files for multiple payers for use with clearinghouses.

EDI records compared as seen on a notepad vs. excel sheet

Turn a Text File or Spreadsheet into a 270 Eligibility Request

Create 270 files from a simple tab-delimited text file. You can generate the file in any manner you wish, such as querying your patient schedule for the following day(s) and exporting the list. The staff at EMS is here to assist and guide you through creating and testing the files.

Screenshot of EMS software--shows Start and End Date input for Eligibility requests

Flexible Request Data

You can generate Eligibility Request records based on a number of basic data elements such as ID's, SSN's, Dates of Birth, etc. You can embed inquiry dates into your source file, or you can generate a request date at the time of 270 generation.

271 Eligibility benefit reporter screenshot

Read and Manage the 271 Response Files

Read the 271 Response Files, expand and filter eligibility records, and print/save results.

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