EDI Claim Reconciler

Reconcile Claim Acknowledgements and Claim Status Files against your source Billed Claims, file-by-file as well as claim-by-claim, in an intuitive and easy to use dashboard.

Works on source HIPAA transaction files (837P, 837I, 277, 277CA)

Import your raw 837 claims files, and your 277 response files. Doesn’t require any direct integration with your billing system, easy to implement.

A box showing 837 ASCX12 compliance of the Power reader

APCD Post-Adjudication Health Care Claims Reconciliation Supported

Compatible with ANSI standards for APCD Post-Adjudicated Claim Reporting files for 837 code reader and 277 code reader. Reconcile claims encounter submissions against acknowledgements, discover and "work" rejected submissions, identify missing submissions, and improve reporting and efficiency. Supports the reading and reconciliation of claims submissions for the APCD Council’s All-Payer Claims Database initiative.

Reconcile File-by-File

Each 837 Healthcare Claim file is displayed on the dashboard, with a summary of the claims and the responses received.

Drill Down and Reconcile Claim-by-Claim

Drill into each 837 Claims file and reconcile each claim one-by-one.

Work rejections, export or print results, and improve cash flow and revenue cycle.

Pricing for EDI Claim Reconciler

All of the products in the EDI Power Tools Suite are licensed on a yearly subscription basis, which entitles you to the latest upgrades, updates and new releases, as well as unlimited full training, unlimited technical & installation support, and Q&A including file troubleshooting throughout your subscription period.

CR100 – 277 File Reconciler
Subscription = $5,500 billed annually for each block of up to three (3) users.
Allows for installation on a server or workstation, and includes up to 3 individual workstations within the organization/facility.  
The license fee includes implementation and installation assistance and support, configuration and testing   Single-user access or concurrent access.  More seats are available.

EMS is also available on a contract basis to assist with custom programming, database creation/support, report-writing, and consulting.

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