EDI Power Reader

A powerful and intuitive desktop software tool that allows you to open healthcare EDI files as easily as opening a spreadsheet. HIPAA EDI files are translated into business terminology and presented in an interactive user-friendly grid. Read 835, 837, 277, 271, 834 files and more. Look up 835 reason codes and other adjustment data in 835 electronic remittances.

See the EDI Power Reader at Work

Watch our short video showing the EDI Power Reader's features and benefits. The Power Reader is an EDI code reader, 835 Reader, EDI Converter that adds efficiency for revenue cycle management.

Human Readability

Open an EDI File, such as an 835 Electronic Remittance, and see it displayed in a grid much like a spreadsheet. Complicated EDI Hierarchies are collapsed into a useful linear record layout. Use the Reader to look up the 835 reason codes and other adjustment data in 835 electronic remittances.

Choose the Data

You select the data elements you want to view, print, and export - the information that is meaningful to YOU. The fields are labeled in plain language, with an optional display of the EDI loops, segments, and elements they are mapped from. Arrange columns of data in any order you wish, such as paid amount, 835 reason codes, denial amounts, and more.

Find - Filter - Sort

• Filter records, such as denied claims on an 835 remittance, or rejected claims on a 277 claim acknowledgement.
• Find records using 3 different methods including an advanced query function.
• Sort records in ascending or descending order with a click of the column heading.


Export the data into Excel or Tab-Delimited text. Choose the data you want to export, or export the entire contents of the EDI File.

Remittance report generator from EMS

Print Reports

On board reporting includes a printout of the grid contents, as well as a generic remittance advice, and more.

A screenshot of the EDI Response File Reader

EDI View

Select a record, and view the raw EDI data. Formatted for ease of review.

Images representing the APCD Council approval of EDI Power Reader

APCD Post-Adjudicated Claim Reporting Support

Compatible with ANSI standards for APCD Post-Adjudicated Claim Reporting files for 837 code reader and 277 code reader. The EDI Power Reader supports the reading and reconciliation of claims submissions for the APCD Council’s All-Payer Claims Database initiative. Our “Ready-to-deploy” software utilities are compatible with your claims encounter reporting and reconciliation.

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