EDI Export Engine

The Parsing Engine for ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) activites, that is easy to configure, effortless to execute, and bulletproof in results.

Generate your own custom data exports from your HIPAA EDI Transaction files. Configure your own data elements to be extracted from healthcare EDI files, such as 837 claims files and 835 remittances, Useful for importing into other systems like data warehouses, billing systems, denial management systems, and more.

Intro Video to Export Engine

See the benefits of the EDI Export Engine in this 1 1/2 minute video. Then read details about the software's product features below, and pricing information.

Screenshot of column choices in the EDI Power Reader

End-user configured

You select the data elements (fields) you want to extract from your HIPAA EDI Files. You select the file format you want to export to. You choose the paths and the file logging and file management options.

A flowchart showing how the EDI Engine works to create files

Includes file management workflow and logging

Automatic batch processing

The Engine is a lean, efficient, command-line program. Call it on demand, from another program, or from a scheduler.

Pricing for EDI Export Engine

All of the products in the EDI Power Tools Suite are licensed on a yearly subscription basis, which entitles you to the latest upgrades, updates and new releases, as well as unlimited full training, unlimited technical & installation support, and Q&A including file troubleshooting throughout your subscription period.

EE100 – EDI Export Engine
Subscription = $5,000 billed annually for each server license.
The subscription allows for installation on a single server and the fee includes installation assistance and support, first time configuration and testing for each distinct format (835, 837, etc) and training.

Supports the following ANSI X12 EDI Files:

835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice
271 Health Care Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Information
277 & 277CA Health Care Claim Status Notification
278 Health Care Services Review
820 Premium Payment for Insurance Products
834 Benefit Enrollment & Maintenance
837 Health Care Claim: Professional
837 Health Care Claim: Institutional
999 Functional Acknowledgment

EMS is also available on a contract basis to assist with custom programming, database creation/support, report-writing, and consulting.