EDI Power Converter 5010

Convert ANSI X12 HIPAA transaction files from the 4010 standard format to the 5010 standard, as well as from 5010 to 4010.

Server-based, workflow-driven application

Provides a solution for complete, bi-directional legacy system compatibility

Pricing for Power Converter 5010

All of the products in the EDI Power Tools Suite are licensed on a yearly subscription basis, which entitles you to the latest upgrades, updates and new releases, as well as unlimited full training, unlimited technical & installation support, and Q&A including file troubleshooting throughout your subscription period.

PC100 – EDI Power Converter
Subscription = $5,000 billed annually for each server license.
The subscription allows for installation on a single server and the fee includes installation assistance and support, first time configuration and testing and training.  Both converting from 5010 to 4010, and fro 4010 to 5010 are included in the license fee.

EMS is also available on a contract basis to assist with custom programming, database creation/support, report-writing, and consulting.