UC Health

The EMS Utility Toolbox and EMS Response File Reader software greatly helped us in our transition to our new hospital system. The new hospital system can import 835 remit files for cash posting. This allowed us to remove our old cash posting software, so a need for 835 file management became apparent. In order to manage a large daily volume of 835 files and remit splitter reports, our cash department utilizes the Utility Toolbox to filter, sort and search files that require manual review or movement to other folders on the network. The Response FIle Viewer allows the user to access the detail within these files, as well as print EOBs and reports.

Tom Wagers, Systems Coordinator Revenue Cycle UC Health (University of Cincinnati Medical Center) - Cincinnati OH

Trillium Health Resources

East Carolina Behavioral Health (Trillium) has utilized EMS software to open and review HIPAA transaction sets and have found this tool very useful.

Sheryl Deal, Claims Director Trillium Health Resources - Ahoskie NC

St. Vincent’s Medical Center

We have been able to increase efficiency and analysis capabilities due to the functionality that the Reader provides. In addition, EMS has always provided superb customer service.

Marie Lavin, Revenue Cycle Systems Specialist St. Vincent’s Medical Center - Bridgeport, CT


-- The following is a recommendation sent by RedForensic to a client of theirs, after using the EMS Power Tools Suite --

Hey xxxxx,

I don’t know what kind of software you guys have or need as you deal with this kind of data on a daily basis, but I wanted to put in a good word for the products and people at www.emscorp.biz .

I feel like I looked at every piece of 837/835 extraction software that has ever existed, and hands-on tried no less than a dozen tools. When I found their tools, it was like, “Yes! Finally something that’s logical, something that makes sense.” And the people there bent over backwards to help me.

I can’t think of the last time I recommended something to a client in a case, but in this instance, these guys and their products were so out of the ordinary that I felt obliged to let you know about them, just in case you’ve had a few hair-pulling experiences with this stuff. J

Jerry Hatchett, CCE, EnCE

Certified Computer Examiner
EnCase Certified Examiner
Licensed Investigation Firm

Jerry Hatchett, CCE, EnCE RedForensic - Woodlands, TX

Calvary Hospital

I have used EMS readers’ service for the last three years. I have three different departments in our Hospital that do Medicaid billing, and therefore receive Medicaid payment remittances for all three. EMS reader allows me to easily see the details of my Medicaid remittance, as well as allowing me to pick and choose what information I would like to appear on my reporting detail. If i want to only see rev cvodes, payments, and Dates of Service EMS will allow you to only choose those sections of the remit to be displayed. David Pontrello who is the Vice President over at EMS was a huge help in getting EMS up and running. He is always there to answer my questions and always keeps me informed on any new product adaptations as well.

Phillip Sanchez, Senior Patient Account Representative Calvary Hospital - Bronx, NY

Jefferson University Physicians

Once again the EMS team has come through!

A while ago the clearinghouse that processes our claims made a formatting change. With this change the reconciliation process for our 837 and 277 files collapsed and it was a daily battle to verify that all claims had been submitted and claim edits identified. The process became so cumbersome that we could not trust the information that we were getting.

Because of these issues, we decided to call Dave Pontrello and Eric Schuyler from EMS as we have been using their Reader and Toolbox products for years. We told them our dilemma and asked if they had seen this issue and if they had a solution to our problem. They in fact did, the “EDI Claim Reconciler”.

But in our case we had some snags as the 277 file information is returned in an unusual format (not HIPAA compliant). Eric studied the format from the various payers and was able to map the matching process. Since its implementation we’ve had several versions of the Claim Reconciler that were tweaked and customized at our request. The Claim Reconciler is almost flawless and has some great features.

The new reconciliation process has saved us money in lost claims. We’ve been better able to identify claim edits and research our unmatched 277 and 837 files. With an easy click on a claim, the Claim Reconciler will jump to the EMS Reader for even more detail.

Thank you EMS for another great product!

Ursula Gosnay Jefferson University Physicians - Philadelphia, PA

Rush University Health

The product [EDI Export Engine] was fairly easy to setup and has functioned reliably for the last year without any direct interference. Its performance is reliable given the large batch processes we run across our 835 files every Monday. I t has also provided us with the meaningful and structured output that we require to perform advanced analytics for payer compliance.

Ray Halper, Senior Director Data Management Rush University Health - Chicago, IL

3B Group / Merwin / Robin Drug Company

We use both the Response File Reader and the EDI Toolbox daily. Frequently, our payors don’t pay as expected and it is critical that we can determine what was actually paid. The EDI Toolbox allows us to see what has been paid, and more importantly what hasn’t been paid on a script by script basis. The Response File Reader has been helpful for looking deeper into the claims to see the why claims were adjusted, to look at what was adjusted, and to determine what the patients copay is, if they have one due at all. Prior to purchasing these two pieces of software, we were trying to make these determinations by hand, which was incredibly time consuming and unproductive. Thank you for helping our processes become more efficient and more importantly, improve our accuracy.

Ginessa Bradley, Senior Analyst 3B Group / Merwin / Robin Drug Company - New Hope MN

The Center for Innovative Partnerships

My company found EMS Response File Reader and the EDI Toolbox when Ohio Medicaid went to direct submission of bills for Behavioral Health Agencies. The Reader gives us the ability to read all of the various types of files we receive from the MITS (state) site enabling to address denials within 24 hours of bill submission. Of course, it can be used for any payer you send and receive electronic EDI files for. Over the next few months after purchasing the software, we built an entire billing process around use of the EMS products. Our process includes a database for the EMS exported 837 (Billing file) and 835 (Remit file) where all denials and payments are displayed in an understandable view and we can work and note that the denials have been resubmitted. Because of these products, we have been able to assist a multitude of other agencies in Ohio by teaching them how to best utilize the information we receive from the state increasing efficiency and their overall reimbursement percentage. Through use of these products, we are able to work the denials so that when we receive the remit file, we get the denial and the corrected paid claim. Our average reimbursement percentage is 93%-95% and a big part of that success is due to the availability of these products.

We also purchased the EDI Utility Toolbox. One of the tools available within the toolbox is the EDI File Splitter. This product enables us to split files by Fiscal Year, by line of service, or by system configuration change date. If it’s in the file, we can find a way to split it out using this tool. Another perk of the toolbox is the EDI File Joiner. It’s perfectly named to describe what it can do. If you have files of a like type (5010 or 4010), you can use this tool to join them so that they can then go through the reader and you have easy access to any data contained within the file. One more tool we use regularly is the EDI Text Editor. This tool allows you to modify EDI files while maintaining the integrity. This has been extremely useful since Ohio Medicaid’s test Trading Partner site is currently testing ICD-10 and all submitted test claims must be back-dated by 2 years. In my role, I assist many organizations in implementing new software which includes testing that software through various portals and FTP servers. Having the ability to easily modify these files to meet the payer’s testing requirements makes this process so much more manageable.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a vendor where they are not only responsive to issues but also intelligent and determined to take on a new challenge. I correspond with them frequently and every single time, they do their best to develop a solution to the problem. An example of this would be last year when Medicaid accidentally took back payments and then repaid them in the same files for a period of a month. The excessive data in these files would have increased time needed to post and really add a level of complexity to viewing the payment history in your system. I immediately reached out to EMS and within 12 hours, had a workable solution that I was able to roll out to my client base.

I use EMS Response Reader and the EDI Utility toolbox daily and always recommend these products to anyone I work with. I highly recommend the products and the company itself.

Teresa Heim, Senior Project Manager The Center for Innovative Partnerships - Newark OH

Chautauqua County Dept. of Mental Hygiene

I love the EMS reader! I use it almost every day with my 835’s, 277’s and 999’s. I love the way you can sort by columns, names and even numbers.

Debi Knight Chautauqua County Dept. of Mental Hygiene - Mayville, NY

The Centers for Families and Children

My name is Andrea Leonard and before we purchased the EMS reader, it was very painful trying to retrieve information on any 835, 837 and 999 files we received from different sources.

Since we purchased the EMS reader, it has made my life so much easier. We can now upload any 835, 837 or 999 file and are able to sort and save as an Excel document and pull information. It takes just minutes.

It is an easy way to see the breakdown of the payment or denials at a glance.

I would recommend this reader to anyone who is having difficulties being able to read or pull information for files received from any source

Best investment ever!!

Andrea Leonard, Billing Supervisor The Centers for Families and Children - Cleveland OH

Sunrise Home Health

My name is Vernon Govender and I am the owner and CEO/CFO of Sunrise Home Health. The business is located in Dallas, Texas. As with most Healthcare Organizations we bill insurance companies as well as Medicare/Medicaid.

in 2008 I purchased the Response Reader from EMS Corp. I have used the product every week for over 6 years with zero problems.

The response reader converts the 835 file into a usable Excel document that can be sorted, summed, saved and retrieved. For those of you in accounting and billing, this is a life saver. An 835 file sent by companies such as Medicare or Blue Cross is basically gibberish to the common user. However, EMS offers a product that allows users like myself to create editable and printable reports that are useful and easier to manage.

For those companies that have higher technical knowledge, the Excel files can be stored in a database for easy retrieval and historical payment history at your fingertips.

I would recommend the EMS Response Reader to anyone that receives 835 files. The product works well, makes life easier, and is inexpensive.

Vernon Govender, CEO Sunrise Home Health - Garland TX

Mid-Erie Treatment Center

We at Mid-Erie Counseling and Treatment Services have been using EMS Software for 4+ years. The initial setup and instructions are easy. We use this product weekly when processing insurance payments. The sorting feature is excellent along with creating an Excel spreadsheet document.

This is the best program we have come across thus far!

Along with that, this company has excellent customer service for any questions. I would recommend this program to other agencies who need to thoroughly review payments received.

Thank you Mr. Pontrello for the excellent program and customer service.

Meca Robinson-Smith, Accounts Receivable Manager Mid-Erie Treatment Center - Buffalo, NY

Comanche County Memorial Hospital

I cannot say enough about EMS Response File Reader.

This program has been an asset for our company.

We are so grateful for the monthly reviews on how to use the product.

Anytime we have a question regarding the software, or the content of the files we are reviewing, we are able to contact the Vice President to receive an answer.

Nicole Kilgore, Business Office Systems Analyst Comanche County Memorial Hospital - Lawton OK

St. Barnabas Hospital

EMS products have been a great help in our department.

Response File Reader’s capabilities are exceptional; the report elements are very useful and easy to generate. The ability to sort, filter and add or remove columns on the fly allow us a wide range of Excel reporting.

EDI Utility Toolbox is an outstanding product. From the “EDI File Inventory” to the “835 Claims Extractor”, toolbox has given us the flexibility to view, edit and split our remits based on our daily needs.

Both products have become part of our daily routine here at St. Barnabas Hospital.

Phillip Matias St. Barnabas Hospital - Bronx NY

MedPerformance, LLC

MedPerformance had struggled to find a way to convert an ANSI 835 file into a text or Excel file that could be used to import into our iMAD denial management program. We looked at several products and did not have a usable solution until we found the EMS Reader program.

The Reader is very easy to install and use. It has allowed MedPerformance to efficiently import the ANSI 835 into iMAD.

In addition, while it is sometimes difficult to get in touch with someone at a company to help you, David Pontrello and his team were available whenever we called or emailed for help. Their personal attention to help us get going with EMS Reader was above and beyond what we normally expect from companies lately. MedPerformance includes EMS Reader as part of its portfolio of service offerings and I would definitely recommend EMS, David Pontrello and EMS Reader.

Dale E. Hocking, President and CEO MedPerformance, LLC -

Rensselaer County Dept. of Mental Health

As we move through our second year using your reader software I wanted to let you know the significant improvement it has made to our billing procedures. We have been able to streamline the process of reviewing our 873I files by quickly identifying problems and denials. Prior to purchasing EMS’s reader software, our billing staff struggled reading the text files, which was incredibly time-consuming and frustrating. Even more problematic was the coding of revenue correctly. There were lump sum payments from Medicaid that we did not recognize from the text file that we re incorrectly coded in our revenue ledgers.

Because Medicaid is our most cumbersome payer, the following features have drastically improved the Medicaid account workflow.

1. The reader’s sort feature allows us to look for trends in the Medicaid payments by opening several files at once and sorting by service code.

2. The reader allows us to see deductions in payment made by Medicaid for retroactive recoupment that happens on a frequent basis.

3. The reader allows us to see lump sum payments made b y Medicaid for the Indigent Care Pool that randomly appears in an adjudicated claim file.

4. The reader allows us to sort denials by date of service or type of denial which allow for quick resolution and the ability to re-bill in the next billing cycle.

5. The reader allows for easy access to the Medicaid TCN which is number required when we need to edit a paid claim.

It’s also important to note this software’s ease of use. This software is more user friendly than other reader software we have trialed. I will continue to recommend your software to all other electronic billers.

Our billing staff cannot believe they did their jobs for years without it. So to sum up, we continue to be a very happy customer.

Lisa Lajeunesse, Special Projects Central Billing Unit Rensselaer County Dept. of Mental Health - Troy NY

Canyon Vista Medical Center

We have used EMS for several years now in our Patient Accounting and Finance Departments. Due to the number of payers that provide us with ERA, we needed a solution that would readily accommodate multiple payers. Previously we have used freely available version but found them limited. During our time as customers they have worked to keep their system up to date and competitive. Also they have unveiled additional functionality in the form of the EDI Utility Toolbox.

The EMS 835 Reader has been an invaluable tool to our organization.

Johnie D. Swindoll, Director of Patient Financial Services Canyon Vista Medical Center - Sierra Vista, AZ

Crossroads Counseling of Lake County

We use both the reader and the toolbox. Let me start by saying the tool box has been a lifesaver. This utility can be used to split files and join files depending on the scenario so that the checks will match the files as long as there is a common criteria on which to build a rule.

The EMS reader has been used far more extensively to put both 837’s and 835’s into a columnar format so they can be easily read and if necessary exported to Excel or Access databases for analysis. We use the reader every time we create an 837 file and receive an 835 file. They are then populated into a database that can be accessed and analyzed by procedure code or any data item on the file. The reader also permits the easy review of denials on the 835’s so they can be corrected and resubmitted.

The EMS staff is more than helpful anytime a question arises. They are willing to help with almost any situation that comes up.

Tim Vicars, Finance Director - Mentor OH Crossroads Counseling of Lake County

MJHS (Metro Jewish Health System)

A product that does what it promises at a reasonable price and is accompanied by excellent technical support and customer service.

I recommend both the product and EMS very highly.

Stuart Geller, Vice President Information Services, MJHS (Metro Jewish Health System) - Brooklyn NY

Quick Med Claims

When faced with challenges of receiving and processing very large 835 files from various sources, EMS provided affordable solutions. Many of the files we receive from a very large hospital system are simply too large to be processed by our claims management system. We use a variety of tools in the EDI Utility Toolbox daily to identify accounts which need posted into our system.

We also realized some of the 835 files being sent to us were not entirely ANSI compliant files. We submitted a few samples to EMS and within a few days, they provided an affordable custom application proposal. Once the proposal was approved, we received our custom application within the week.

Dave and the team have been great to work with and have responded quickly to our questions and cries for help.

Thank you EMS!

Edie Valencia, Billing Director Quick Med Claims - Pittsburgh PA

Personal Touch Homecare

After using the Reader, I was impressed with the simplicity of this product. It is a well-thought-out software that is user friendly, efficient and has assisted with enhancing our productivity. They offer great customer service and truly are a pleasure to work with.

Mila Diaz, Corporate Collection Manager Personal Touch Homecare - Bayside NY

Foresight Medical, LLC

Compliments to you and your team for responding so quickly to requests for adding segments to the reader that I needed to see.

Mike Howard, President Foresight Medical LLC - Tampa, FL