Revenue Cycle & Billing

Providers of professional services to healthcare clients, such as billing services, revenue-cycle consultants, and clearinghouses, find the Power Tools Suite to be the critical link between the raw data files, and the information they seek, using the products to build analytics systems, reconciliation systems, and reporting systems. Oftentimes, data that has been filtered through the primary business systems lack the key data elements required for complete analysis. Using the Power Tools Suite to parse the raw EDI data produces more meaningful data, in a more effective manner.

“When faced with challenges of receiving and processing very large 835 files from various sources, EMS provided affordable solutions. We use a variety of tools in the EDI Utility Toolbox daily to identify accounts which need posted into our system. We also realized some of the 835 files being sent to us were not entirely ANSI compliant files. We submitted a few samples to EMS and within a few days, they provided an affordable custom application proposal. Once the proposal was approved, we received our custom application within the week. Dave and the team have been great to work with and have responded quickly to our questions and cries for help. Thank you EMS!”

Edie Valencia, Billing Director
Quick Med Claims, Pittsburgh, PA

“I feel like I looked at every piece of 837/835 extraction software that has ever existed, and hands-on tried no less than a dozen tools. When I found their tools, it was like, “Yes! Finally something that’s logical, something that makes sense.’ And the people there bent over backwards to help me. I can’t think of the last time I recommended something to a client in a case, but in this instance, these guys and their products were so out of the ordinary that I felt obliged to let you know about them, just in case you’ve had a few hair-pulling experiences with this stuff.”

Jerry Hatchett, CCE, EnCE
RedForensic, Woodlands, TX

“MedPerformance had struggled to find a way to convert an ANSI 835 file into a text or Excel file that could be used to import into our iMAD denial management program. We looked at several products and did not have a usable solution until we found the EMS Reader program. The Reader is very easy to install and use. It has allowed MedPerformance to efficiently import the ANSI 835 into iMAD. In addition, while it is sometimes difficult to get in touch with someone at a company to help you, David Pontrello and his team were available whenever we called or emailed for help. Their personal attention to help us get going with EMS Reader was above and beyond what we normally expect from companies lately. MedPerformance includes EMS Reader as part of its portfolio of service offerings and I would definitely recommend EMS, David Pontrello and EMS Reader.”

Dale E. Hocking, President and CEO
MedPerformance, Jupiter, Florida