Behavioral Health & Human Services

Providers and organizations in the Mental and Behavioral Health fields rely on the power of the EDI Power Tools Suite to navigate the tricky requirements of electronic transactions. As a sub-industry under the healthcare umbrella, many times the business systems lack the complete functionality to deal with the ever-changing technical requirements. Whether it is simply rendering an electronic remittance in human form, or more advanced EDI file editing such as adding or changing required segments in an 837 claims file, the Power Tools Suite delivers the functionality.

“We built an entire billing process around our use of EMS Response File Reader, EDI Toolbox, and its EDI File Splitter and EDI File Joiner, EDI Text Editor modules. Our average reimbursement percentage is 93%-95%. A big part of that success is due to the availability of these products.”

Teresa Heim, Senior Project Manager
The Center for Innovative Partnerships, Newark OH

“This is the best program we have come across thus far! The initial setup and instructions are easy. We use this product weekly when processing insurance payments. The sorting feature is excellent along with creating an Excel spreadsheet document. Along with that, this company has excellent customer service for any questions. I would recommend this program to other agencies who need to thoroughly review payments received.”

Meca Robinson-Smith, Accounts Receivable Manager

Mid-Erie Treatment Center, Buffalo, NY

“EMS’s software allowed us to make significant improvements to our billing procedures. Our billing staff cannot believe they did their jobs for years without it! The Reader’s sort feature allows us to look for trends in the Medicaid payments by opening several files at once and sorting by service code; see deductions in payment made by Medicaid for retroactive recoupment; see lump sum payments made by Medicaid for the Indigent Care Pool that randomly appears in an adjudicated claim file;  allows us to sort denials by date of service or type of denial for quick resolution and re-billing; and it provides easy access to the Medicaid TCN which is number required when we need to edit a paid claim. It’s also important to note this software’s ease of use. I continue to recommend it to all other electronic billers.”

Lisa Lajeunesse, Special Projects Central Billing Unit
Rensselaer County Dept. of Mental Health, Troy NY

“We use both the Reader and the Toolbox. Let me start by saying the Toolbox has been a lifesaver. This utility can be used to split files and join files depending on the scenario so that the checks will match the files as long as there is a common criteria on which to build a rule. The EMS Power Reader has been used far more extensively to put both 837s and 835s into a columnar format so they can be easily read and if necessary exported to Excel or Access databases for analysis. We use the reader every time we create an 837 file and receive an 835 file. They are then populated into a database that can be accessed and analyzed by procedure code or any data item on the file. The reader also permits the easy review of denials on the 835’s so they can be corrected and resubmitted. The EMS staff is more than helpful anytime a question arises. They are willing to help with almost any situation that comes up.”

Tim Vicars, Finance Director 

Crossroads Counseling of Lake County, Mentor OH

“Before we purchased the EMS reader, it was very painful trying to retrieve information on any 835, 837 and 999 files we received from different sources. Since we purchased the EMS reader, it has made my life so much easier. We can now upload any 835, 837 or 999 file and are able to sort and save as an Excel document and pull information. It takes just minutes. It is an easy way to see the breakdown of the payment or denials at a glance. I would recommend this reader to anyone who is having difficulties being able to read or pull information for files received from any sourceBest investment ever!!”

Andrea Leonard, Billing Supervisor

The Centers for Families and Children, Cleveland OH

“I love the EMS reader! I use it almost every day with my 835’s, 277’s and 999’s. I love the way you can sort by columns, names and even numbers.”

Debi Knight
Chautauqua County Dept. of Mental Hygiene, Mayville, NY