Home Healthcare

Home healthcare agencies are facing ever-increasing pressures for data analysis and reporting, as well as the need to remain competitive in the market, all without compromising services to clients and families served. The PowerTools Suite is used in Membership, Finance, Analysis, and in EDI Processing Groups aiding in everything from 834 enrollment transactions, to assisting providers with interpreting and reading 835 remittance files.

“The response reader converts the 835 file into a usable Excel document that can be sorted, summed, saved and retrieved. For those of you in accounting and billing, this is a life saver. An 835 file sent by companies such as Medicare or Blue Cross is basically gibberish to the common user. However, EMS offers a product that allows users like myself to create editable and printable reports that are useful and easier to manage. For those companies that have higher technical knowledge, the Excel files can be stored in a database for easy retrieval and historical payment history at your fingertips. I would recommend the EMS Response Reader to anyone that receives 835 files. The product works well, makes life easier, and is inexpensive.”

Vernon Govender, CEO
Sunrise Home Health, Garland TX

“A product that does what it promises at a reasonable price and is accompanied by excellent technical support and customer service. I recommend both the product and EMS very highly.”

Stuart Geller, Vice President Information Services,
MJHS (Metro Jewish Health System), Brooklyn NY

“After using the Reader, I was impressed with the simplicity of this product. It is a well-thought-out software that is user friendly, efficient and has assisted with enhancing our productivity. They offer great customer service and truly are a pleasure to work with.”

Mila Diaz, Corporate Collection Manager
Personal Touch Homecare, Bayside NY