Pharmacy & Laboratory

Any organization within the greater healthcare industry umbrella has a need to deal with the HIPAA Transaction Sets. From the smallest agency, to the largest healthcare delivery system, users all over the country are utilizing the Power Tools Suite from EMS.

“We use both the Response File Reader and the EDI Toolbox daily. Frequently, our payors don’t pay as expected and it is critical that we can determine what was actually paid. The EDI Toolbox allows us to see what has been paid, and more importantly what hasn’t been paid on a script by script basis. The Response File Reader has been helpful for looking deeper into the claims to see the why claims were adjusted, to look at what was adjusted, and to determine what the patients copay is, if they have one due at all. Prior to purchasing these two pieces of software, we were trying to make these determinations by hand, which was incredibly time consuming and unproductive. Thank you for helping our processes become more efficient and more importantly, improve our accuracy.”

Ginessa Bradley, Senior Analyst
3B Group / Merwin / Robin Drug Company, New Hope MN